Charles is the live-sketch splinter-cell of Seattle Untimely. It came into existence in 2007 when legendary proof readers, Charlie and Chuck, decided to liberate themselves from the suffocating influence of Seattle Untimely Corp and strike out on their own. No longer beholden to the bottom brow, Charlie and Chuck could pursue their lifelong dream of starting a quaint little two man sketch troupe. They would specialize in artisanal sketches made from the freshest materials. They would attract the finest audiences. But first they would come up with a clever name. Charles.

Soon the duo became infamous for their liberal use of meta-ingredients, overly ambitious pop-culture fusions and hollow premises. Indeed it was not uncommon to see mobs of angry patrons demanding refunds after another Charles show collapsed under its own pretentious references. In an effort to stay afloat Charles began borrowing sketches from other troupes like Mr. Show and Monty Python, thus destroying their credit history. Finally, after a disastrous gamble on an internal-monologue themed show that ran for twelve weeks, Charles appeared to have no choice but to give up and start studying for the LSAT.

But just as that indignity was about to be thrust upon them, inspiration struck. The successful Charles shows had all had one thing in common, a quality which had previously been unknown but which now emerged with the utmost clarity: BYOB. That was the key. No audience could resist the savings of self-provided spirits, the thrill of minor illegality, and the social acceptability of drinking in crowds. For that they would happily fork over admission price and pretend to laugh at jokes about literature. From then on Charles vowed to only do shows in BYOB venues, and they have thrived on the support of their eighteen to twenty-one-year old fan base.

But don’t take it from us. Read these glowing testimonials:

Charles is a relentless and surreal two-man sketch group from Seattle, forever taking familiar situations to their most absurd culmination. Chuck and Charlie will batter you with wit and intellect. And by batter, we mean the semi-liquid flour and egg concoction. But made of intellect. And wit. Delicious wit. – Chuck

Charles is an intense, gutsy and scrappy two man sketch group. A real student of the game, Charles might not have the greatest natural talent, but its hard-nosed punchlines have won over audiences and opposition alike. Watching Charles perform, you are struck by its unrivaled, untainted love of the sport, as if it were still a kid just tossing around jokes in the backyard. – Charlie

If you would like to be a part of this growing libation liberation movement, befan Charles on Facebook.