Episode #49 - I’m an Initiative (Eyman Initiative)
I’m an Initiative (Eyman Initiative): Our first foray into ambush edutainment.

What is it about local elections that inspires one to make weird animations? It’s not a sense of civic duty, that’s for sure; there exists no activity known to man that produces a lower ratio of man-votes to man-hours. And it’s not the glory either; there exists no known video genre that holds a viewer’s attention more fleetingly. Nor is it the players themselves. Sure we’ve got some local weirdos, but they deserve to be ignored, not immortalized.

It seems then that the reason a man creates animations of mayoral candidates bleeping their way through a Nintendo soundtrack, or of a rolled up piece of paper being hounded by an unseen citizen journalist, is that there is no reason. By creating something so whimsical, so pointless, the creator declares to the world “I exist! But I might as well not.”

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