A Corner Kick (Evolutionary) Specialist

September 10, 2010

In order to show off the new site’s versatility, we proudly present a frivolous one panel comic. Behold, this is an art form which had heretofore been declared impossible to recreate on the web.

Unfortunately, in addition to answering theoretical questions about your browser’s ability to render image tags, this post also raises equally pressing questions regarding the nature of shark-based sports.

For instance why are there so few sharks in the box? The prevailing opinion in human football* is that you should bring all of your players back on defense for a corner kick. Presumably the same strategy should apply for sharks since it’s based entirely on the relatively high cost of allowing a goal, and not on any species specific pack behavior.

Perhaps this panel is taken from a casual six on six coed league. But if so, that only poses more questions such as: Do sharks have the same difficulties that humans have in getting enough women on their coed teams? Or, since female sharks are larger, is it the other way around? Wouldn’t that be weird?

We welcome your opinions in the comments.

* For the purpose of scientific discussion we are using the metric system.

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