Extreme Website Makeover

August 27, 2010

As many of you are probably aware, Seattle Untimely was selected to be featured on Bravo’s Extreme Website Makeover. That was almost two years ago. There was a lot of infighting, and we had to wade through a mile of red tape to get approved by the Web 2.0 Standards board, but the site is finally fully pimped. Of course that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. The nature of those shows is that they only care about making the exterior look like a gussied-up geocities page, regardless of what bastardizations they have to make to the underlying chassis (it takes thirty-two database calls to render those serrated edges). Anyway, you should watch the episode this Fall. They really make us look like jerks!

Anyway, the biggest change is that we will now be able to post non-video content on the site (for example this post). The hope is that our lack of creative motivation will take this as an acceptable compromise and start producing half-assed comedy again. We’ll see. For the video purists out there, we have included a link in the header that will filter out all of this fancy new ‘text’ based stuff.

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Seattle Untimely

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