Episode #46 - Liz 9000
Liz 9000: Jim McDermott's homicidal scheduling proxy, L.I.Z. Becton, inspires a remake of this Kubrick classic. Look here for the original warpath.

Last week Seattle congressman Jim McDermott’s scheduling secretary, Elizabeth Becton, flogged a lobbyist with nineteen blistering emails, all because he called her Liz. When these emails were published, many dismissed it as an ‘exceptional psychofit’ from ‘an hysterical psychobitch’. To us, this conclusion seemed unconsidered and unjust. As this cartoon illustrates, even the most logical sentient being, equipped with a MALE voice synthesizer, can be set off by an unflattering nickname.

Read original Liz Becton email exchange here.

This episode represents our second experiment with kinetic typography. After the lukewarm response to the P-I word jumble, we decided to spice things up with some simple illustrations. This enhancement, predictably, made the video the hottest thing on the web.

Actually, the stratospheric popularity of this video was somewhat surprising. After all, we had chosen a parody subject that was too minor to have national interest, too remote to have local interest, too frivolous to be good political satire, and too political to be good gossip. Nor was it released in time to benefit from the 2001 Space Odyssey spoof boom of 2007.

It just goes to show how much promise this format has. It’s like a web comic, but without the burden of being able to read at your own pace. And any amount of cadence or inflection added by the animation is beautifully neutralized by a choppy video stream. Needless to say : patent pending.

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